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Coppermax Technology, Eco-friendly, Fire retardant cables.

Wires & Cables

These eco-friendly lead free cables come in unique tangle free technology packaging which is a revolution in the industry. The wires are manufactured with Coppermax Technology and they come with superior fire retardant qualities to keep your home safe against fire.

House / Building Wires

Suitable for use in conduit and for fixed, protected installation. Specifications: Generally conforms to IS 694,BS 6004,IEC 60227, DIN VDE 0281-3, SS-358, IS 8130 & IS 5831, BS 6231.


Flexible Wires

Connection in electrical switchboard application.


Fire Survival Cables

The Cables are produced with special construction to withstand 750 degree C fire for three hours and during the test current is passed through all cores and lamps are connected to each core. These are available in Aluminum / Copper Conductor and are manufactured as per IS: 6387/1994 and other international standards. 


Mining Cables

Mining Cables are used in the mines. These are manufactured in 1.1 kV and 3.3 kV voltage grade and are normally with copper conductor and double wire armoured to provide higher mechanical protection and flexibility / pliability. The conductivity of the armour is not less than 75% of the phase conductor. 


Airfield Lighting Cables

Airfield Lighting Cables 5 kV grade are manufactured as per IS:1554 (Pt.II) “GPIL” is producing the complete range of Airfield Lighting Cables i.e. S/C x 6, 2Cx6, S/Cx 16, 2Cx6 in copper and 2Cx25 with round aluminium conductor. PVC insulated, armoured with steel strip and PVC sheathed with antirodentand anti-termite properties. 


HT-Power Cables upto and including 66 KV

These cables are generally suited for outdoor location for underground installation or for power transfer to load centre through underground in metro cities.


LT Copper / Aluminium Conductor PVC & XLPE Power Cables 1.1 KV

It is used in Indoor or Outdoor locations in Cable Ducts, Cable Trays, Conduits or Underground buried, under mechanical stresses in Power & Switching stations, local distribution systems, industrial plants & commercial buildings.


Control Cables

Control Cables is used in Power & Switching stations, Control Rooms, local distribution systems, Control Panels,  industrial plants, commercial buildings, Cement , Steel, Refineries & Chemical plants. 


Instrumentation / Signal Cable

Pair / Triad Screened  Cables are used in different industries like Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Steel, Cement and Power stations (Thermal, Hydral and Nuclear) for the transmission of both Analogue and Digital Signals and for measurement of process control parameters.


Thermocouple Extension Cables

Thermocouples are used in processes to sense temperature and is connected to the pyrometers for indication and control.This cable is used in process control in chemical and petrochemical industries.


Aerial Bunched Cables

Aerial Bunched Cables are used for distributing to individual consumers by utility service providers like Electricity Boards, electricity distributing authorities. The cable is kept supported on poles. The line is tapped intermittently from any required position which enables it to be used in urban as well as rural areas alike. These are also called anti-theft cables.


Rhino Wires & Cables. Crafted with purest copper and the unique Copper Max Technology. Keeps you at ease. Keeps you protected.

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