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Rhino brand Conductors. Smooth and Stable power supply.


Since inception, Gupta Power has offered conductors that ensure smooth and stable power supply. Our quality range of Wire Rods and Overhead Conductors are designed to not only meet the industry’s varied voltage requirements, but be at par with the industry standards. We are constantly on the lookout for new avenues to explore. Our collaboration with Mercury Cables, USA for manufacturing HVCRC conductors is just one of our many endeavours to tap into dormant possibilities, one that is likely to pen success stories for the world of power transmission.

HVCRC Conductor

The G Trans HVCRC conductors will surely revolutionize the construction of transmission line providing the easiest solution to acute power crises for Indian Power Utilities. The “G TrANS-High Ampacity Low Sag HVCRC CONDUCTOR “as a replacement of conventional variant can be strung on the existing towers, thereby completely avoiding much difficult Right of Way problem.


STACIR Conductor

G Trans Super Thermal Aluminum clad invar reinforced is normally used to up-rate an existing transmission line by simply replacing the existing conductor without  tower modification or reinforcement .The center wires are of aluminum-clad invar and the outer layers of super thermal-resistant aluminum-alloy.


TACSR Conductor

G Trans TACSR covers thermal-resistant aluminum-alloy stranded conductors steel reinforced which could withstand high tensile load to be used mainly for overhead transmission lines, overhead distribution wire. The center wire or wires are of galvanized steel and the outer layer or layers of thermal-resistant aluminum-alloy.


ACSS Conductor

Aluminum Conductor Steel Supported is composed out of annealed 1350-0 aluminum wires, surrounding a galvanized steel core or aluminum clad steel core. It can operate in high temperatures.


ACSS/TW Conductor

ACSS/AW offers strength characteristics similar to ACSS, along with slightly greater ampacity and resistance to corrosion due to aluminum-cladding of the steel core wires.


AL-59 Alloy Conductors

AL-59 alloy conductors are manufactured from aluminium alloy rods. The conductor comprises of an inner core and concentrically arranged strands forming the inner and outer layers of the conductor.


HITECH EC Conductor

HITECH EC conductors are manufactured from high technology EC rods. The conductor comprises of an inner core and concentrically arranged strands forming the inner and outer layers of the conductor.


AAC - All Aluminium Conductor

 AAC is a Homogenous conductor of high purity aluminum having higher conductivity.


ACSR/GS - Aluminuim Conductor

ACSR/GS - Aluminuim Conductor (Galvanized) Steel Reinforced is high purity aluminum reinforced with galvanized steel to attain maximum strength.


ACSR/AW - Aluminium Conductor

ACSR/AW is high purity aluminium reinforced with aluminium clad steel to attain better corrosion resistance and for higher conductivity.


AAAC - All Aluminium Alloy Conductor

 AAAC is a Homogenous conductor of Al-Mg-Si (6101/6201) alloy conductor having better strength to weight ratio.


AACSR - Aluminium Alloy Conductor Steel Reinforced

AACSR - Aluminium Alloy Conductor Steel Reinforced is Aluminum Alloy (6101/6201) reinforced with galvanized steel used for longer span length.


ACAR - Aluminium Conductor Alloy Reinforced

ACAR - Aluminium Conductor Alloy Reinforced is a High Purity Aluminum reinforced with Aluminum Alloy (6101/6021) for better conductivity and better weight to strength ratio.


High Temperature Low Sag Conductors (STCIR, ACSS, TACSR)

High Temperature Low Sag Conductors (STCIR, ACSS, TACSR) can be operated at higher temperature which allows this conductor to have double ampacity than the conventional conductor and sag will remain same by using special materials.


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