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Board Of Directors



Late Mr. Jagdish Rai Gupta.

Reliability, Sincerity, Desire for Happiness, & Commitment for the welfare of mankind were the pillars on which he laid the foundation of the JRG group. Owing in terms of Steadiness & Integrity as a whole, he fostered constant evolution & innovation to build a distinct & healthy Company Culture. He is a first generation entrepreneur who started up petitely and through sheer uphill struggle and determination, he made it to zenith.



Mr. Bhagat Ram Gupta.

Highly enriched in business expertise for more than three decades, he heads the financial wing of the company and monitors the financial activities of the company through a team of dedicated chartered accountants. He is also actively engaged in the groups Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives through various social & charitable associations.


Managing Director

Mr. Mahendra Kumar Gupta

Being the revered Managing Director of Gupta Power, he has been a victorious industrialist who shoved his company with high exactitude to make it one of the leading companies of ODISHA. Consecrated with his sturdy business imminence, it was his meticulous effort that has endowed GPIL to strike an annual turnover of USD 250 million. Shri. M.K.Gupta is one of his class who believes in leaving behind not only enormous achievements but also a sequence of petite kindness with the exact perseverance & confidence that helps one in coming out with superior ecstasy. “An idea is not the only factor that brings success to any initiative; it must also be backed with the right ardor and fervor to explore” says Mr. Gupta for which he is considered the pioneer in Conductor & Cable Industries.



Mr. Jitendra Mohan Gupta.

Gifted with judicious business trait, at a very young age he has shouldered the arduous vocation of the EPC Division, the functioning of which is driven by a multi-agency approach based on mutual trust and benefit, focusing simultaneously on strengthening the in-house partnerships and forming new alliances. He makes every effort to preserve order, obedience & conformity in work place that contributes to the strong work culture of Gupta Power. A spiritual & dutiful person by nature, he unswervingly controls the several units of the company. Being Self-motivated, he carved an ornate path, stimulating his employees to accomplish finer level of performance. With his flawless adroitness & the exact spirit of entrepreneurship, Mr. Gupta eyes to escalate Gupta Power to reach its peak.



Mr. Abhilash Kamani.

Mr. Abhilash Kamani has always believed that budding together with customers, employees, shareholders and communities is the true essence of being a good corporate citizen. With this vision, he took over the reigns of the Kashipur Plant operations of Gupta Power. It was his farsightedness to pursue novel approaches and optimize operational efficiencies in the plant. Since now globalization has become the buzzword and market competition is at its peak, Mr. Kamani believes that innovation and apt entrepreneurship abilities is the trend which when followed meticulously leads to success. Following this strategy, he eyes.



Mr. Abhishek Gupta

Mr. Abhishek Gupta, the new-fangled industrialist, is an MBA from the Drexel University, USA, who has lucratively amalgamated his family culture, education & global work exposure to derive a winning formula that continuously contours his business with a difference. “The most successful businessman is the one who holds onto the old just as long as it is good, and grabs the new just as soon as it is better” Believing on this, Mr.Gupta has adored his business with the most technically advanced software like SAP, Cable Builder & Sales Force. His “test & trial” techniques have always been fundamental & vital to elevate his organization in order to stand out of the crowd. He pitches on working hard with precise fortitude. If you do, you win – is what makes him believe that the law of competition may be sometimes hard for the individual, it is best for the race, because it ensures the survival of the fittest in every environment” Owing to this, Mr. Gupta is dedicated on maintaining a steady state between “Risk & Return” as he has the valor to intake minute risks in order to taste success.

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